Sunday, March 11, 2012

SXSW Sunday 3/11

Today, we ventured forth to soak up the atmosphere of SXSW!  We didn't have anything planned so we got to meander through the crowds and people-watch at the Convention Center and in the 2nd Street District.  We did a little shopping and felt woefully inadequate as we saw the passersby glare at our badge-less chests.  But no worries, our badge-less week ahead will be more exciting than today.

On the "red carpet" at the Convention Center.  Fame.

We ran into our friend Eric of Best Best Best Friends (on trombone) jamming with an interesting guy.  If you look closely at his guitar, it's covered in quotidian items that combine to make a badass musical instrument.

Lacey and an Airstream trailer sporting our favorite Austin mural.

Ended the evening with a delicious dinner from G'raj Mahal in the Rainey Street area.

A Rainey Street bar taken over by Google.

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  1. I found you two lovelies!

    You make sxsw look so classy <3