Friday, March 9, 2012

as animal's guide to sxsw '12

Welcome to our inaugural post!  Here are some bands we are really excited about seeing this year at SXSW.  Enjoy!

MONDAY:  Shearwater, "Breaking the Yearlings"

I was first introduced to Shearwater (a side project of a couple of the guys from Austin’s own Okkervil River) on KUT 90.5, my beloved Austin NPR affiliate. I attended a show last year where they played their first three albums in succession in a church sanctuary, and it was stunning. I willingly profess my all-encompassing passion for the lead singer, Jonathan Meiburg, and I can’t wait to see him play live again. They have several shows this coming week, both official and unofficial, but I will be heading out to see them Monday at 1 pm at the French Legation Museum. (-Lacey)

TUESDAY:  Spirits of the Red City, "As Animal"

We were first introduced to Minnesota’s own Spirits of the Red City at SXSW last year as a part of the Annie Street Arts Collective Secret Showcase. Imagine a group of music lovers underneath an old rock bridge lit with tealight candles in the heart of downtown Austin listening to the loveliest folk music there ever was. They were hands down the best discovery of SXSW 2011, and their song “As Animal” is the inspiration for the name of this blog. Spirits of the Red City have enchanted us all year long and both of us are ready to be reunited with them this year.

WEDNESDAY:  Matt the Electrician, "Accidental Thief"

Matt the Electrician is a local artist and there simply aren’t enough good things to be said about him. He is a talented and friendly gentleman with a great sense of humor and a combination banjo/ukulele that can bring down the house. Our feelings for Matt run deep given the fact that we have been attending his shows for more than three years now, dating back to a time when he had a regular Wednesday night residency at a local coffeehouse, Flipnotics. He is a wonderful musician and deserves the great love that he receives from the Austin community and fans everywhere. He is playing at Guero's at 8pm.

THURSDAY:  Punch Brothers, "Rye Whiskey" 

Chris Thile, frontman of the Punch Brothers, is one of the most talented musicians around today. The band, formed in 2006, will be playing Thursday morning, 10 am, at the Four Seasons Hotel as part of the KUT Austin showcase.

FRIDAY:  Dry the River, "Bible Belt"

Dry the River is a promising young group from London.  We were immediately attracted to their delicious harmonies and dashing good looks.  They are playing Jo's Coffee on South Congress at 2pm.

SATURDAY:  Wild Belle, "Keep You"

Wild Belle is a double (possibly sibling, though that is unconfirmed) act based out of Chicago. They seem somewhat enigmatic, given the dearth of information about them available on the World Wide Web, but the song they’ve released is promising and hopefully their show will shed a little more light. Saturday, March 17th at Urban Outfitters on Guadalupe, 1 pm.

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